Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Adventures in Entertaining

In a temporary moment of insanity the husband and I (in our infinite wisdom) decided to have 12 people (and a baby) over for dinner as an early Christmas celebration (on a Friday to boot). This is mistake #2, mistake #1 is coming shortly. After a day of work the husband got home early to finish cleaning and start dinner preparations hours before I even got off work.

Everything had been cleaned and festively decorated when he heard a noise and felt a WHOOSH of air. Here is where mistake #1 comes into play. We (once again in our infinite wisdom) decided to forgo our traditional fake Christmas tree in exchange for a real tree the size of a freaking sequoia. Yup, that's right...an hour and a half before company was supposed to be there our tree falls. (Note: this wasn't the first time the tree had fallen. The first time was a week before only it had not been decorated yet and it stayed on its side for a week before we picked it up.) So back to the carnage. There are ornaments everywhere, some broken, some whole, the top of the tree barely missing our fish tank. There are ornaments down the stairs, in the kitchen and under the table. Not to mention the added bonus of broken glass and water everywhere. Some water splashed into a power strip so there was also the sent of burning electrical wires.

He wrestled the tree back into place (my hero), unplugged the power strip, opened the door to air out the stank and cleaned up again. With all of that excitement out of the way the night is bound to get better right? Wrong! With the additional mess to clean up none of the dinner preparations got done. I got home and guests started arriving soon after. Our projected dinner time was now nowhere in the near future. As we busily finished preparing for dinner we were unknowingly turning our friends into little icicles (the door was still open and it was about 30 degrees outside).

Our friends B & S (funny I know) arrived with their adorable 6 month old son K C. As cute as he was there was a problem. He was petrified of our dog Boddington (a Chinese Shar Pei puppy). Now he may be goofy looking but he is equally adorable and not scary at all. Screaming and crying and hyperventilating ensued. We tried to lock him in the bedroom (the dog that is) so KC could calm down but then the screaming and crying ensued - this time it was Boddington (he doesn't like to be alone). We couldn't handle that either so he came out again and they both cried until they got used to each other (half an hour later). See, he isn't scary...

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